Admission Process

At Mouratoglou International School, the selection of students depends on different parameters.

On the one hand, we build up a profile of the student, based on his/her school reports of previous years. On the other hand, we evaluate the student’s level by conducting tests in the core subjects, either on-site or remotely.

Furthermore, interviews with the student and his/her parents allow us to understand the project, the candidate’s motivation and involvement.

Contact the admission team

Selection steps

Applications must be submitted as soon as possible since the number of places is limited each year.

Prerequisite 1

Academic record & tests

Prerequisite 2

Meeting with the student and his/her parents

Prerequisite 3

Motivation and involvement of the candidate

Prerequisite 4

Validation of the year of CM2 or grade 4

Why joining
Mouratoglou International School?

Joining the Mouratoglou International School is the guarantee of high-quality education in an exceptional environment.


Values of excellence and success

Our school provides flexible teaching hours, based on the principles founds in sports and high-level performance, such as hard work, rigour, and determination.


A multicultural environment

With more than 45 nationalities represented, the Mouratoglou International School is also a place in which tolerance, sharing and openness to the world are omnipresent values. Sharing daily lives with children from all walks of life allows each student to experience new cultures and to challenge themselves every day.


A school of excellence open to all

The school is open to all students who are interested in learning. The flexibility of the programmes with adapted timetables allows each student to follow complete schooling while building his or her project for the future, whether it is an athletic, academic, professional or artistic project. They benefit from a learning experience in the best possible conditions with a real balance in their lives.


A unique context

By studying on campus, each child has access to the state-of-the-art infrastructures offered by the Mouratoglou Academy, Europe’s most prestigious tennis academy.